Disinfection & Sanitation Tunnel

The Fully automatic disinfection & sanitization tunnel is equipped with motion sensors, sprays users with a mist that disinfects clothes and body as they walk through it. The disinfectants used in the tunnel are compliant with Dubai Municipality’s guidelines for cleaning and disinfection and are also safe and environment friendly..

• Made in the UAE
• Delivery and installation anywhere in the UAE
• Adjustable timer from 3 to 15 seconds.
• Fully automatic with illumination control
• Optional: Hand / Foot operated Hand Sanitizer
• Disinfectant approved by Dubai Municipality
• Optional: Weekly Service Visits

Suitable For
Schools | universities Malls | Supermarkets | Hotels | Office buildings
Residential buildings | Public places | Parks | Places of worship | Villas
Food & Beverage Outlets | Public Entrances

Sanitize tunnel for disinfectant and protect people from covid-19 coronavirus. Tunnel is spraying antibiotic on human body to kill germs and viruses. Full body sanitize gate for public and employees.
Features of Disinfection and Sanitization Tunnel

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