Digital Signage HDMI-over-IP Matrix

  • Transmits HDMI over a network or Point-to-Point
  • Plug-and-Play; no PC necessary for basic setup
  • 4K @ 60Hz (H.264)
  • Supports video walls up to 3×3 

Designed for video transmission applications the Techconnect Matrix allows distribution of HDMI content over an existing LAN infrastructure. You simply need a transmitter for each source, and a receiver for each display.

SETUP NOTE:  The first time you connect source PC to Tx, drop refresh rate on PC to establish handshake. Once it is working restore refresh rate.

  • Switch / Distribute / Matrix 

This product uses an IP network to distribute, switch, or matrix. It can have up to 100 x transmitters, and 100 x receivers. 

  • Managed Switch 

A “layer-3” switch is required with IGMP snooping turned on to allow multicasting. You don’t need to know what this means, but it is essential it is turned on. 

  • Shared Subnet 

All end points must be on the same sub-net. 

  • 4Kx2K 

With a maximum transfer rate of 18 Gbps and using H.264 compression this system supports 4K. 

  • Point-to-Point 

You can connect a transmitter directly to a receiver with a CAT6 cable and use it as a simple extender. Maximum cable length up to 120 m (394 ft). 

  • Scaleable 

Whether you need a small system or a large system; just buy what you need. When your system needs to grow just add more end points. Transmitters and receivers are sold separately. 

  • Easy Setup and Switching 

Each transmitter and receiver should be set to a unique channel on the front panel. Adjust the “TX Connected” channel on each receiver to select the target transmitter. Use the buttons on the front panel or the included remote control to change channels. 

  • Advanced Software 

Setup software is included for Mac and PCs. It scans for devices and allows the integrator to set device name, channel and IP address. 

  • Video Wall Presets 

Supports up to 3×3 video walls. Enter video wall mode and choose from 3×3, 3×2, 3×1, 2×2, 2×3, 1×3. Fine tune with bezel adjustment. 

  • IR Passback 

The system supports IR passback so source devices can be controlled remotely. IR emitter and receiver cables are included with each device. 

  • Crestron and AMX drivers 

Designing a system controlled by a Crestron or AMX control system is easy. 

  • Hot Swap 

If a device needs swapping simply replace it and set the channel on the new device to match the old device. IP and Mac addresses don’t need to be modified. 


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