A public address system is one that allows a single user or group of users to address a larger public number of people with the use of a microphone (or other audio source), a mixer, amplifier, and loudspeakers typically in a venue or building.

The components of a public address system are different depending upon the size and type of venue or building and the number of people a system needs to address.

Public Addressing systems play an important role in relaying public announcements and critical messages in hospitals, parks, public areas, factories, schools, shopping malls, offices, etc. More than safety and security reasons, the PA system is a highly recommended solution for each public area for effectively communicating with a larger crowd.

A background music system would commonly consist of flush mount, surface mount and/or pendant mount speakers. Depending on the brand specified and the fixtures, any combination of these speakers can be used. Not only is a background music system for music or media playback, with the right quality and capability of speakers, but the system can also be used as a paging / public address system (PA system).


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