A document camera allows you to offer live video footage of a document, a book, small objects, experiments, and more, all on display in the classroom. Many also integrate with platforms such as Teams or Zoom, allowing you to teach remotely with the webcam focused on your face and the document camera on the work, all without losing that live interactive feel.

With the ever-changing setup of education, educators need to change up their teaching style too. With that, document cameras for teachers are becoming a necessity. Not only has it become essential due to the new normal where students learn through virtual classrooms but also document cameras have taken their rightful place when it comes to projections.

Majority of users would classify document cameras as high-resolution webcams that have arms to ensure their placement over documents, objects, or papers. Teachers, professors, and world-wide educators find document cameras to be very useful because they can write notes on paper and then present the notes to the audience of students through the document camera.

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