Make your calendar meet reality

Closed-off meeting areas play an important role in workplace functions. They provide privacy, accommodations for larger groups, and isolation from an otherwise buzzing office environment. Like any other facet of facilities, these vital spaces need proper oversight and management.

Good conference room management ensures employees use these spaces as intended. Without some form of management, conference rooms might be unavailable or improperly utilized, causing bigger disruptions to the workforce.

Without efficient tools and systems, managing all these meetings becomes a pretty taxing process. How your organization keeps track of its meetings is a big productivity consideration – all too often, it’s a person who’s doing this. Who is your meeting room manager? Bet they’ve got other skills they could be using to your company’s advantage if they weren’t spending so much time reserving conference rooms.

Choosing the right technology for meeting room management means everyone and anyone can quickly and accurately book the resources they need. And another unproductive legacy process bites the dust.

Get notified through email when you book meetings. Email alerts keep you on top of things for tasks like approval of requests and reminders. Control each device from a central administration module. Customize each device to suit the needs of the room and the theme of your office.

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